Witch Hazel Leaf Powder

Product Name: Witch Hazel Leaf Powder
Botanical Name: Hamamelis virginiana L 
Specification: Straight Powder
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Witch Hazel Reviews
Witch hazel is a low growing shrub native to North America. It has a long history of use medicinally, and cultivation of the bush has spread to Europe for this purpose. Preparations of it ranging from tinctures to soothing creams are available in most drug stores, as well as specialty stores for skin care. The plant acts as an astringent, firming and tightening tissue and acting to reduce itching and irritation. Other properties have also been ascribed to witch hazel, making it an excellent all-purpose addition to the medicine cabinet.

Chemical Constitution of Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel primarily contains polyphenols, including tannins, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. At least 27 phenolic constituents have been identified using high-pressure liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometric methods. Methods for quantifying gallic acid, hamamelitannin (approximately 1.5% in leaves and up to 65% in bark), and the proanthocyanidins have been described. The gallotannins are heat labile. Because witch hazel water is a steam distillate of the extract, it does not contain tannins. Other components include kaempferol, quercetin, chlorogenic acid isomers, and hydroxycinnamic acids. The volatile oil contains small amounts of safrole and eugenol as well as numerous other minor components, such as resin, wax, and choline.

Health Benefits of Witch Hazel
Here look at some modern scientific key findings of Witch Hazel as the following:
Witch Hazel is valued for its astringency, toning and cleansing properties and is a prime ingredient in the international cosmetics and skin care industry.
It also has medicinal use as an astringent, an anti-haemorrhagic and an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of Haemorrhoids.
It is used as an active ingredient in eyewash preparations Worldwide.
Historically the plant has been used by native North American Indians as a poultice for painful swellings, bruises and inflammations as well as a treatment for insect bites and burns.
Witch Hazel Side effects
Witch hazel is relatively safe. If you use witch hazel in appropriate amounts, your risks are relatively minor. But if you take high doses by mouth, it may cause kidney or liver damage. Although witch hazel contains a known cancer-causing ingredient, there’s likely no need for concern. The amounts are very small. Because studies are limited, avoid using witch hazel if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless you use it on the skin in small amounts and for short periods of time.

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