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Botanical Name: Pimpinella saxifraga L  
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Theriac Venezian Reviews
Theriac venezian is a perennial plant widely distributed over Europe and Asia. Roots of this plant, together with those of closely related P. major (L.) Hudson, have been used in herbal medicine for their expectorant, broncho secretolytic and anti-phlogistic properties.
As a key ingredient in Swedish Bitters (“Schwedenbitter” in German) which is an herbal elixir popularized by the Austrian herbalist Maria Treben, Theriac venezian was quite popular now in the health industry. Historically, Theraric was an herbal jam with some 64 different ingredients that was a virtual panacea or cure-all for many diseases, and an antidote to many poisons made by Galen. Theriac’s use and manufacture continued until the late 19th century. Since Venice was a key center for its manufacture, it is sometimes called Theriac Venezian, or Venice Treacle.
In the matter of fact, Theriac venezian was a medical concoction originally formulated by the Greeks from the 1st century AD and widely adopted in the ancient world as far away as Persia, China and India via the trading links of the Silk Route. It was an alexipharmic and antidote. Nowadays people considered it as a “panacea”.

Chemical Constitution of Theriac venezian Powder
Theriac venezian also called Anise with Latin name as Pimpinella saxifraga L. it contains approximately 0.4-0.6% essential oil, at least 60 kinds of different components including geijerene, pregeijrene, beta-bisabolene, dimethyl-azulene, and as the major components, the tiglic esters of epoxy-pseudo-isoeugenol (pseudoisoeugenyl 2-methylbutyrate). This plant also contains polyacetylenes, coumarins and furanocoumarins, umbelliferone, bergapten, xanthotoxin, scopoletin, sphondin, isobergapten, pimpinellin and isopimpinellin, caffeic, quinic and chlorogenic acids, sitosterol, flavonoids, 1% saponins, tannins and polysaccharides. Experimental results show that most of these ingredients benefits to human health.
From Shiva Masoudi , Abdolhossein Rustaiyan and Hefzollah Mazloomifar’s article “Composition of the Essential Oils of Pimpinella anisactis Rech.f. and Pimpinella saxifraga L. from Iran” twenty-four compounds representing 90.0% of the oil of Pimpinella saxifraga L. were identified, trans-α-bergamotene (20.1%), β-sesquiphellandrene (10.8%) and β-bisabolene (10.1%) being the major ones.
WANDA KISIEL and researchers have identified Chromatography of the ethanolic root extract of Pimpinella saxifraga L. afforded a new sesquiterpene glycoside which was purified after acetylation.

Health Benefits of Theriac venezian Powder
As mentioned in the reviews, Theriac venezian was called as“panacea”. In Europe, its root is used in several bronchial remedies, bone and joint health formulas and in remedies for improving circulation. In folk tradition, the root was used to prevent or relieve coughs and as a mild expectorant in bronchitis. Studies show that it has expectorant and cough suppressant activity. Infusions of the roots are widely used to treat bronchitis, hoarseness and sore throat. The roots are listed in the German Commission E Monographs for dissolving phlegm and treating catarrh of the upper respiratory tract. Infusions and tinctures are used as a gargle for inflammation of the mouth and throat. Alcohol extracts of the root are also used in some mouthwashes. The German Commission E also endorses the root for treating upper respiratory infections. The German Pharmacopoeia also recognizes the root as a source of essential oils and bitters that can treat mild stomach cramps and other digestive disorders. The tea is also noted as a diuretic. According to Culpeper, the fresh root is hot and peppery and can be chewed to ease toothaches. It is also said to stop diarrhea and purgings. He recommends a teaspoonful of the powdered root for every cup of tea infused in boiling water and then drunk cold to cleanse the respiratory tract and stomach of mucous. The root also contains several powerful antioxidants including the principle components of the essential oil, pseudoisoeugenyl 2-methylbutyrate and isoeugenol, also found in anise roots. Isoeugenol has documented antioxidant activity, particularly for normalizing antioxidant defense in diabetics. In a recent animal study, all tissues from diabetic animals had depressed antioxidant status when compared with normal controls but treatment with isoeugenol reversed this.
To sum of, it has been identified the Traditional Usage as the following:
–Breathing Problems
–Catarrh (Mucous) of the mouth and throat
–Sore Throat
–Upper Respiratory problems
–Urinary Gravel
It do is worthy of the name as a “panacea”.

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