Spongilla Spicules Powder

Product Name: Spongilla Spicules Powder
Synonyms: Hydrolyzed Sponges, Spongilla fragilis Lecidy, Spongilla Sponges
Origin: China
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Spongilla Spicules Powder Reviews

Sponge Spicules Powder is derived from freshwater sponges (Spongilla fragilis Lecidy). As a biological needle naturally evolved by freshwater sponges to adapt to the living environment, it is very small, powder or gelatinous, and the needle cannot be seen by the naked eye. Essentially, it is an extremely tiny needle-like bone, and the tip of the needle can penetrate the skin pores, so it is called Spongilla Spicules.

Spongilla Spicules Powder can open the skin channel to the dermis, help activate the skin microcirculation, relieve skin pore blockage, accelerate the skin metabolism, accelerate the natural peeling of the aging cuticle, and shorten the skin renewal cycle from 28 days to 1 week.

Components and Health Benefits of Sponge Spicules Powder

Sponge Spicules Powder is primarily composed of calcium carbonate, or silica and collagen. The high purity of Sponge Spicules Powder (99%) can be used as a single ingredient to add to any kind of cosmetics, its dredge pores and accelerate metabolism effect, also make Sponge Spicules Powder become an ideal, a wide range of applications, low side effects of raw material ingredients have been used by more and more application developers.

The Sponge Spicules Powder is quite good impurity adsorbent, not only can destroy the protein structure of microorganism or virus, its negatively charged ions can also adsorb impurities in the solution or precipitate pigment. To the naked eye, Sponge Spicules are powder form, but under the microscope, they are pointy rods and blunt needles. Sponge Spicules Powder products can improve the skin question fast and efficient, because these numerous tiny needles can irritate the skin to create millions of tiny tubes in a very short time. The active ingredients can effectively penetrate into the skin and fully transform nutrition ingredients into cellular by these tiny tubes. So it can achieve the ideal effect of reducing wrinkles, skin whitening, reducing light spots, improving eye wrinkles and dark eye circles, tightening and enhancing facial skin tissue. At the same time, Sponge Spicules Powder stimulates the dermis, and then collagen can hyperplasia through the skin’s self-healing ability.

Sponge Spicules Powder Side effects

Side effects such as skin rash and inflammation occur if Sponge Spicules Powder is used without being purified.

Where to buy high quality Sponge Spicules Powder

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