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Latin Name: Nephelium lappaceum
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Rambutan Reviews

In most tropical countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, there is a fruit called Rambutan. The fruit got its name from the Malay word for hair because the golf-ball-sized fruit has a hairy red and green shell.

The rambutan contains important bioactive compounds; mainly the peel has a high content of antioxidants which are of interest in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. And it has long been used to quell dysentery. The peels of the rambutan were found to have a high content of phenolic compounds and to be a powerful source of antioxidants, and the seeds are known to decrease unwanted fat. The pulp boosts energy and immunity, prevents diseases, and contributes to eliminate free radicals.

Components and Health Benefits of Rambutan Extract

Rambutan is rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants, such as fiber, vitamin C and copper and it contains smaller amounts of other nutrients. Its peel and seed are also full of nutrients but generally considered inedible. With so many nutritious compounds, Rambutan can offer health benefits ranging from weight loss and better digestion to increased resistance to infections.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Due to its fiber content, Rambutan can contribute to a healthy digestion. About 50% of the fiber in its flesh is insoluble, which means that it passes through your gut undigested. This insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool and helps speed up intestinal transit, thus reducing your likelihood of constipation. The rest 50% of the fiber is soluble. Soluble fiber provides food for your beneficial gut bacteria. In turn, these friendly bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids, such as acetate, propionate and butyrate, which feed the cells of your gut.


Research carried out by the University of Chiang Mai in Thailand reportedly discovered that the Rambutan fruit contains effective antioxidants known as flavonoids, several varieties of which are thought to decrease cholesterol levels, and believed to have anti-cancer properties.

Immune Health

Rambutan Extract has been shown to support immune system health in several ways. First, the vitamin C in rambutans is connected to immune function and health. Consuming enough vitamin C regularly can help support long-term immune health. Second, early studies show that certain extracts from rambutan fruit may help fight infections. These extracts may prevent viruses from replicating, helping your immune system fight off germs more easily.

Rambutan Extract Side effects

No adverse reactions were detected for the time being.

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