Iron Stick Yam Powder

Product Name: Iron Stick Yam Powder
Botanical Name: Dioscorea opposita
Applied Industries: Dietary Supplements
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Iron Stick Yam Reviews

Yam is the dried rhizome of Dioscorea opposite Thunb.,which belongs to the family Dioscoreaceae.It was first recorded in Shen nong Ben cao Jing (Shennong’ s Classic ofMateria Medica) which was basically came from Dioscorea opposita since ancient time. Yams with strong adaptability are widely planted across China, and are primarily produced in Henan. The yam produced in Jiaozuo(the ancient Huaiqing Prefecture) possesses the best quality,and has the Chinese name of Iron Stick Yam or Huai Shan Yao. In medicinalterms, it exhibits efficacy in nourishing the spleen and stomach, while invigorating the lung and kidney.

History of Iron Stick Yam

Before the Tang dynasty,it basically came from the wild species of Dioscorea opposita.In the Song Dynasty,D.opposita began to be cultivated,but Chinese medical practitioners claimed that the wild species was better than the cultivated one.After the Ming and Qing Dynasties,yam was mostly from cultivated resources.As the species quality changed,the authentic producing area of Dioscorea opposite was recognized to be in Huaiqing,Henan province,since the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Through long-term cultivation,the species produced in Huaiqing began to differentiate and the Chinese medicinal experts of successive ages considered that the product quality of yam is excellent and if it revealed the features of”white,thin,solid quality”,that was the best,and this is consistent with the species called”Tiegun (iron stick)” Diascorea opposita cultivated by Huaiqing farmers.

Usage of Iron Stick Yam

Iron Stick Yam tuber can be eaten raw, while other yams must be cooked before consumption (due to harmful substances in the raw state). In Japanese cuisine, it is eaten raw and grated, after only a relatively minimal preparation: the whole tubers are briefly soaked in a vinegar-water solution, to neutralize irritant oxalate crystals found in their skin. The raw vegetable is starchy and bland, mucilaginous when grated, and may be eaten plain as a side dish, or added to noodles. It is used in the Japanese noodle dish tororo udon/soba and as a binding agent in the batter of okonomiyaki. The grated yam is known as tororo (in Japanese). In tororo udon/soba, the tororo is mixed with other ingredients that typically include tsuyu broth (dashi), wasabi, and green onions.

Nutritional Values of Iron Stick Yam

Item Index (Per 100g)
CYPS (Yam Polysaccharide) 2g min
Saponins 0.32g min
Protein 7.4g min
Amino Acids 9g min
Allantoin 0.20g min
Fe 15mg min
Ca 380mg min
Zn 1600ug min

Where to buy Real High Quality Iron Stick Yam Powder

Our Factory locate into the Jiaozuo City which is the mainly Plant Origin Area of Iron Stick Yam. Iron Stick Yam Powder is really one of our most competitive products with stocks available all year round. By providing superior quality, we establish long-term relationships with our clients.


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