Grain of Paradise Seed Powder

Product Name: Grain of Paradise Powder
Botanical Name: Aframomum melegueta
Specification: Straight Powder
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Grain of Paradise Reviews

The first reference to this particular medicinal plant that grows in tropical climates is referenced in 1214 A.D. Physicians during this period of time were using Grain of Paradise for various medical purposes. It was referred to by numerous names through the ages, including African pepper and Grains of Paradise. The first official scientific reference to this plant was published in 1904 when it was referred to as Guinea grains and also Alligator pepper.

Different authors have researched the various uses of Grain of Paradise under highly reputable journals and publishers. They have stated its uses to range from having anti-inflammatory capabilty; antimicrobial activities, protection of stored maize cobs (Zea mays L.) against maize weevil, insect pests ; oral ingestion increases whole-body energy expenditure and has among other uses.

Chemical constitution of Grain of Paradise Powder

Grains of paradise contains a number of other phytochemicals that possess purgative (potent laxative), anthelmintic or anti-parasitic (effective against worms and others), galactogogue (increases breast milk production), and hemostatic (a medicine that purifies the blood) properties. This herbaceous plant has also been found to be effectual in treating the deadly condition known as schistomosiasis, which is a main predicament for medical authorities in many places in Africa.

Health Benefits of Grain of Paradise

People in Africa as well as nearly all other tropical regions cultivate grains of paradise. They have been using the fruit of this species to treat various health conditions. However, currently this fruit is seldom used outside its native regions. The grain of paradise is one plant that is exclusively used in traditional African medicine.


Although the essential oil obtained from grains of paradise is available, it is very difficult to find. The attributes of the essential oils are akin to those of the grains of paradise fruit. However, the oil is usually preferred for its aroma. In many African countries, people use the grains of paradise fruit in the form of an aphrodisiac, in addition to a remedy for leprosy and measles. Grains of paradise is interesting to note that in laboratory studies the extract of this fruit has shown to augment sexual arousal as well as sexual behaviour in male rats.

Weight Loss

In a related clinical trial, researchers of the Japanese Society of Nutrition have found that aframomum melegueta has the ability to lower body fat percentage, and decreased waist-hip ratio without any harmful side effects. Recently, further studies on aframomum melegueta have reported its 6 paradol chemical constituent to be biologically significant beyond its medicinal value. For one, it has been found to foster weight loss by promoting faster body metabolism.


The fruit of grains of paradise is also known to be effectual in treating intestinal infestations and infections. Some people also use this plant’s fruit to cure indigestion and calm heartburn. It is interesting to note that the fruit of grains of paradise is among the plants that scientists are studying currently to determine if it can be used as a substitute for allopathic medications in the tropical regions, where people are constantly endeavouring to discover inexpensive as well as more easily and locally available phytomedical alternatives to treat the common health conditions prevailing in these regions.

Treating uneasiness during pregnancy.

The use of grains of paradise is quite familiar in Chinese herbal medicine, wherein they are sometimes used as a substitute for cardamom, which is available more readily. In Chinese herbal medicine, grains of paradise are recommended for treating intestinal uneasiness, vomiting as well as pain and uneasiness during pregnancy.

Grain of Paradise Side effects

Grains of paradise seeds are considered to be safe for use by nearly all adults. Nevertheless, the use of these seeds may sometimes result in irritation or pain in the stomach, intestine as well as the urinary system.

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