Defatted Wheat Germ Powder

Product Name: Defatted Wheat Germ Powder
Latin Name: Triticum aestivum L.
Sense: Light Yellow or Yellow Powder, with a Clean Full-Bodied Malt Aroma
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Defatted Wheat Germ Reviews

Wheat germ is the embryo of the wheat kernel. The part is also responsible for helping the plant reproduce and spawn new wheat. It is the heart of the wheat plant, and contains the most concentrated nutritional value, including protein, several amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Defatted Wheat Germ is produced from the removal of oil from wheat germ. From this process, we can leave the most vitamin- and mineral-rich part of the wheat kernel intact. Less perishable than whole wheat germ, it is often used to add flavor and nutrients to grain-based products, especially pasta. However, its toasty, nutty flavor is also a delicious addition to cereals, breads, muffins and pancakes. For nutritional supplements, the Defatted Wheat Germ is a perfect food additive.

Chemical constitution of Defatted Wheat Germ Powder

Although the wheat germ is small, the nutrients it contains are impressive and formidable. The outer shell of the wheat kernel, the bran, is beneficial as well, but the germ has more necessary nutrients that make it desirable.

Wheat germ is a bountiful source of energy, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates, all of which interact in numerous ways with the body’s internal systems. Important daily vitamins like folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B (Niacin, Thiamin, and B6) can also be found in high levels in it. In terms of minerals, wheat germ provides high levels of potassium and iron, as well as very good levels of zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium.

It also has omega-3 fatty acids, one of the necessary and beneficial forms of cholesterol found in the body that needs frequent replenishing from dietary sources like wheat germ.

Health Benefits of Defatted Wheat Germ Powder

The health benefits of wheat germ include a boost to the immune system and it serves as a preventative measure against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It has anti-aging properties, and can positively affect mental agility, muscle development, stamina, and the healing rate for wounds. The nutrients in wheat germs can also aid in digestion, prevent damage to the arteries, and help in weight loss.

The benefits in detail of Defatted Wheat Germ Powder include:

High in Antioxidants

The oil found in wheat germ is rich in a form of vitamin E known as tocopherol, which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that help protect the body from free radicals, which are harmful substances that cause damage to cells and can build up and lead to chronic disease over time.

Getting enough antioxidants into your diet through foods like wheat germ is critical to health, as antioxidants have been linked to prevention of chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

In one 2008 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers gave rats a diet composed of 20 percent wheat germ. This was found to significantly improve vitamin E levels while also increasing antioxidant status.

Prevents Cancer

Adding wheat germs or certain types of wheat germ extracts to your diet can help you reduce the risk factors for multiple types of cancer. It has been shown to interrupt glucose metabolism at a fundamental level and inhibit the expression of various kinases, which stimulate cancerous activity in the cells. The study shows that test subjects with wheat germ extract in their diet have increased TNF secretion by the macrophages and stimulating NK cell activity (Natural Killer cells). Both of these benefits result in apoptosis (cell death) of cancerous and tumorous cells. The small germ inside the wheat may not look very impressive, but its effects are very powerful.

Supports Pregnancy

Wheat germ is loaded with folic acid, which is an important factor in ensuring a healthy infant for pregnant women. Women who have healthy levels of folates in their system have a greatly reduced chance of their child having neural tube defects and other complications. Adding it to your diet when pregnant can be beneficial in many ways, given its nutrient-packed nature, but the high levels of folic acid make it particularly attractive and popular.

Defatted Wheat Germ Powder Side effects

People who are gluten intolerant or have gluten allergies should avoid wheat germ supplements, as it contains gluten.

People who are on a low-carb diet should be mindful of their portion of wheat germ, as one cup contains nearly 60 grams of carbohydrates.

Wheat germ extract can cause mild side effects in some people. These include diarrhea, nausea, gas, and dizziness.

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