Beth Root Powder

Product Name: Beth Root Powder
Botanical Name: Trillium pendulum or Trillium erectum
Applied Industries: Dietary Supplements
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Beth Root Reviews

Beth Root, with its Botanical Name Trillium pendulum or Trillium erectum which is in the family Trilliaceae or trillium family. It has 3 dark green diamond-shaped leaves, each about 18 cm long. From April to June it produces a solitary, odiferous, yellow to reddish-brown flower. Its roots, rhizomes or leaves are being used to make medicine in Traditonal Chinese Medicine or Western Thearpies for thounsands of years.

How Beth Root Powder Works
There are lots of Active ingredients could be derived from the Beth Root and this is the reason how beth root works in human bodies. Accoding to the researches from some Chinese Scientists, a new fatty acid-spirostan steroid glycoside ester, a new cholestane glycoside and a new stilbene trimer, along with three known steroidal saponins, were isolated from the 70% EtOH extract of the roots and rhizomes of Beet root.

Health Benefits of Beth Root Powder
Let’s take a look at 2 key health benefits of Beth Root Powder as below:
Cancer Prevention
Although the research is still very new in this particular area, early results show that Beth Root can have an effect on tumor growth and metastasis, making this an invaluable alternative remedy for people suffering from various forms of cancer. Chinese researchers have also found in a study that some underground parts of beth root show cytotoxic activity against human leukemia cells.

Immune Booster
Beet root consists of certain antiseptic qualities, which is useful when used as a topical solution. For a wound or abrasion, it can help to prevent any infection from developing. It similarly clears out our gastrointestinal system of dangerous parasites and bacteria that can make us ill.

Beth Root Powder Side effects
Beth root powder might be unsafe to take by mouth directly. It can cause irritation of the stomach and intestines, and vomiting. There isn’t enough information to know if beth root is safe to apply to the skin.

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