Where to buy high quality Bee Propolis Extract

I like to see living creatures show their vibrancy. This is power of life. For example, humans work hard to keep fit and have a good body; Bees gather honey to survive and raise their offspring to reproduce. Honey gathering by bees is a very interesting process. Whenever I meet bees, I stop to observe them. If they are not disturbed by something, bees will carefully gather honey of all the flowers in the area and then fly away.

We all know that honey is a good ingredient for health. In China, the annual production of honey is about 500,000 to 1 million tons. While there is an ingredient also produced by bees, the annual production of this ingredient is only about 500 to 1,000 tons. It was called “Purple Gold”. That is Bee Propolis. Under normal circumstances, a bee colony with tens of thousands of bees can only collect about 0.2 grams of resin material every day. After repeated bee processing, it is transformed into bee propolis, this is why it known as “Purple Gold “.

Bee Propolis is a popular folk medicine possessing a broad spectrum of biological activities. It has also been used as a health drink in various Asian, European and American countries. Several groups of researchers have focused their attention on the biological activity of bee propolis and its active principles. Many scientific articles are published every year in different international journals related to the pharmacological properties of bee propolis.

So Where to buy high quality Bee Propolis Extract

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Bee Propolis Extract