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  • HI Everyone, I would like to recommend our new product line as Black Goji Extract. Now we have Black Goji Fruit Powder and Black Goji Standardized Extracts in Stock. I would like taking this oppotunity of making a brief introduction of Black Goji as below:......

  • Scientists have researching the function of human heart in Spinach. We trust that Spinach is good for our heart in many ways. And correspondingly, bioengineers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute decided to try growing human heart cells on the scaffolding of a humble Spinach leaf. It......

  • Now almost everyone knows Beef Liver benefits to human. Desiccated Beef Liver Powder supplement as tablets, pills, capsules and powders were everywhere. People buy this kind of health supplement and eat it daily with a strong and simply believe: “it is good for me”. But......